About Us

Asia Pacific International (API) is an entrepreneurial company offering state of the art platform for developing FMCG and F&B business in Asia. With a focus on personal care, food and dairy products we provide a robust market insight and experience to grow existing and new businesses.


  • Co-owned by Bright Diva, Hong Kong – the leading distribution company with annual revenue of over USD225 Million
  • Managed by professional team with strong background in FMCG & F&B businesses in Greater Asia
  • Global footprint and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Korea, UK, UAE and Philippines (in progress)


  • ‘One-stop’ sales, marketing, distribution partners for FMCG/F&B brands and companies in driving their Asian footprint and building them into category leaders
  • A robust and swift route to market entry platform in materializing the regional opportunities
  • Offer end to end support to our partners with on ground presence of our teams and distributors in Greater Asia
  • Importing, Distributing, Selling & Marketing leading FMCG & F&B brands across all key markets in Asia


Building long term partnerships in developing successful FMCG and F&B businesses.


Long term partnership – Collaborate with partners in delivering the shared vision

Operating Excellence – Drive operating excellence to become the most trusted distribution partner for FMCG & F&B businesses in Asia

Innovation – Support the development of products as required by customers to cater multiple market segments and channels